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After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

After first line treatment, various "second line" treatments can be used. The policy for H.pylori is: Make sure the infection is real (breath test for follow-up). Always give a high dose of PPI (acid blocker) when using amoxicillin. In the second treatment, give a different drug in place of clarithromycin.

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Re: After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

Post by lennet » Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:43 pm

An antacid may make the ulcer pain go away temporarily, but it will not kill H. pylori. People being treated for an H. pylori ulcer should check with their doctor before taking antacids. Some of the antibiotics used to kill H. pylori may not work as well if combined with an antacid.
People used to believe drinking milk helped peptic ulcers heal. But doctors know now that while milk may make an ulcer feel better briefly, it also increases stomach acid, which can make ulcers worse. Patients should talk with their doctor about drinking milk while an ulcer is healing.

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Re: After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

Post by NGB » Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:00 am

I have had H.pylori for years. Have had endoscopes, and still it comes back. I was allergic to Penecillin, so was given substitute antibiotics for Amoxilin. I have GORD and reduced lung capacity.

Finally, after another breath test, I have it still. I am 64, female.
I have tentatively agreed to have Amoxillin, with the pack. I have taken it for two days, and feel mild joint pain ( I have some Osteo Arthritis, slight dizziness, feeling odd, a bit scary, and last night I had nightmares, and it seemed to me that I was in some confusion in my half sleep, trying to work out if I was awake or not. I felt uncomfortable and scared. This has never happened before with the non- penicillin component of antibiotics.

If My system is now immune to the other antibiotics, and I am feeling just slightly different with Amoxilin, should I continue taking it? Is there ANY OTHER medication or treatment that can remove this disease? I am tired and sick of so many medications. I have had at least 10 treatments over 20 years.

Is it better to live with H.Pylori ( I have hardly Any symptoms for it) but am suffering increased GORD since June 2013.
With the Penecillin , I am getting slightly confused , like for example, just now it took me 3 goes to write 2013 correctly.
I also kept trying to open my husbands car with the remote that belongs to my car and a few other little things since the last two days. I have been on medication for a day and a half.

Also, will the Amoxicillin exacerbate my GORD? I was in hospital 2 weeks ago with a bad GORD attack.
AND - can Helico Cause me to have palpitations, which I have been experiencing for a couple of months? Tests for heart disease are negative.

Hope you can help. I am so tired of not getting a good nights sleep as well. I feel scared to go to sleep at night.

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Re: After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:23 am

We have a good cure rate on patients with Pen allergy. our treatment plan was published in December 2012.

you may want to discuss the treatment with your specialist.

original article ... 10E.d03t01

supporting document with treatment plan ... 9/suppinfo

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Re: After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

Post by Alba » Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:18 am

I have some questions for an expert.
I was diagnosed with H Pylori 7 months ago. I took 2 rounds of antibiotics (a couple of weeks each with the regular treatment recommendations), and now this is my 3rd round, with Pylera. I had to stop taking Pylera half way (after 7 days instead of 10) because of the side effects (severe dizziness, and loosing vision).
I also have a small hiatus hernia and a gastritis.
I also have recently discovered that I have gallbladder stones, which I believe have similar symptoms than gastritis, and can be mistaken.
I should also mention that in my case, I didn't pick H Pylori in childhood as everyone keep suggesting me, but in Cambodia, where I lived for 2 years, as the first symptoms started there, and many friends of mine were treated by Pylori in South East Asia. I didn't really started getting stronger symptoms until I came back from Asia to Europe.
I don't know if this influences the type of bacteria. Is the same type of bacteria in Asia than in Europe?

I am waiting to retest again, but I already have the suspicion that I keep having the bacteria. First because I didn't finish the Pylera treatment, and second because the symptoms remain the same, if not worse. My hiatus hernia seems to have become bigger, as I have now a constant soared throat, which I didn't have in the past.
I have been told that even if I have the symptoms I might not have the bacteria, so we need to wait again to retest, but I am positive I have it, or at least the gallbladder + bacteria are generating both an important pain.

I am getting really desperate, so I am looking for help.
If I keep going down the traditional line of treatment (which is what my current doctors are offering), I guess I will get a fourth round of antibiotics for 10 or 14 days with a different combination, and if that doesn't work, a 5th and so on.
Is it possible that I already have a chronic infection impossible to eradicate?
The first symptoms started in Cambodia 4 years ago, but they didn't become important enough for me to pay attention and constant until 7 months ago.

I have seen the option of designing a customized type of antibiotic for the type of bacteria I have (after taking a sample from my stomach).
Is that something you would recommend? why are we all taking standard antibiotics if there is the option of making a customized version of it, for your specific type of bacteria?

I am living in London, and I am spanish. I am getting desperate enough to travel around to find some help, but initially I would like to find a solution in Europe. Any recommendation of a good specialist in H Pylori?
Thanks a lot

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Re: After Four Treatments H.pylori still detected in Stool

Post by Helico_expert » Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:49 pm

1. 7 days of Pylera is good enough. So you may be lucky.
2. Asian H. pylori is more pathogenic than European strain.
3. If you are still positive of H. pylori, it is definitely better to seek specialist who has access to bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing. Then, he can give you a personalise treatment which has a much higher cure rate.

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