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Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

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Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Magdlc » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:10 am

Hello all,
Here is my story.

In 2012 while pregnant I was diagnosed with h pylori after taking an allergy test. Was told I could not do treatment because I was pregnant but to come back once I delivered. I never did. I know big mistake. I started experiencing the following
-weight gain
-excessive burping

In 2015 after my second child was born, I was extremely anxious and was in and out of the ER with complaints of abdominal pain and headaches, body aches. Had CT of brain and abdomin x Rays and blood work.. all clear. I went for a check up with my doc because of these recurrent head aches and generally feeling unwell and eventually had these finding:
- h pylori
- low Vit D
- Rheumatoid Arthritis (20)

and was given treatmen that I completed. I stressed to my doc how worried I was about how long my h pylori had gone untreated but I was told that I was too young (23 yo) to be worrying about things like gastric cancer. My anxiety was through the room so I scheduled an appointment to see a GI. He basically told me the same and that it would be unnecessary to have an endoscopy done as I was so young and didn’t present any significant or worrisome symptoms.
Same symptoms as before
-constipation (especially while on my period)
-excessive burping after meals
-sometimes painful period which went away eventually

I had my 3rd son Aug. 2017
Note: with all three of my pregnancies I had bad acid reflux, heartburn, and all day morning sickness through out each pregnancy. Actually vomited coffee grain type blood with first pregnancy. After each pregnancy symptoms went away completely.

May 2018 I started feeling uneasy. Following symptoms were:
-heart palpitations (due to anxiety)
-painful periods with constipation
-didn’t have much of an appetite
-constant anxiety
-constipation sometimes diarrhea sometimes normal

Scheduled appointments with OB and GP and had the following done:
MRI of brain
Breath test
Full blood work
X-ray of head and neck
X ray of spine
Pap smear
Vaginal ultrasound

Findings: h pylori, and low Vit D (15)
Treatment: Omeprazole, amoxicillin, and clarithromycin for h pylori and 50,000 iu of vit d3 for Vit D deficiency

I was completed scared and horrified to find out I had h pylori again and scheduled an appointment with my GI. I went over my history with my GP and he still didn’t seem too concerned that I had h pylori again. He was more concerned with my Vit D being so low. Saw my GI and she said I should complete treatment and should not be worried. Again, I was told that my symptoms were probably not all related h pylori related and to worry about more serious issues when I’m in my 50s. Was also told that getting gastric cancer from h pylori was rare and was only seen once in her practice. My GI told me that we can do endoscopy to put my mind at ease so I have that scheduled in 2 weeks

While on treatment:
Day 1-5
- a little nauseas got better as treatment went on
- Scared to eat
- weight loss
- anxious

- started to experience upper back pain (nerve/muscle) almost like burning. I don’t feel it anymore. I was told it could be from my anxiety..
Went to ER twice during treatment and was told that this could all be from stress/ anxiety/ chronic fatigue. Which I’ve been told by actual MDs are BS diagnosis when they can’t give you one.

It been two weeks since treatment and I will go back for breath tomorrow.
I’m just concerned and worried but thought I’d share my story because this has been a crazy nightmare for me. I have food and bad days. Anxiety is what kills but I prayer helps. Need my energy and patience for my 3 babies.

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Helico_expert » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:37 am

Thanks for sharing your story. Do update us your breath test result later.

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Magdlc » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:08 am

Will do. Also forgot to note that I’ve had mouth sores/ blisters that come and go. Last about a week. Painful for a few days then clear.

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Gk... » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:39 am

Hi Helico_expert
I was been suffering from halitosis since a long time...
I don't smoke or drink
Firstly I don't exactly know from where it's coming... So I booked an appointment with a dentist... He told me that I have a wisdom tooth and he extracted it... Gave me antibiotics.( Few pain killers and amoxicillin)
I felt good for few days. But, the problem started again...
This time I had an issue with my tonsils
I was diagnosed with Quincy tonsills... Because of my financial situation at that time, I just had an incision of my tonsils...
Later the doctor gave antibiotics and it went good for a little span of time and the halitosis problem arrised again...
This time my dentist asked me to get rid of my tonsils... And an ENT surgeon had extracted my tonsils... He told me that my tonsils are heavily infected ... He gave me a heavy dose of antibiotics in the form of injections.... Till a month after the surgery ... I used tablets( regurg_dsr, monax_l, acefen_sp, leaf_az)
I couldn't see any traces of the halitosis coming out of me at that time...
After a month .... It started again
I went back to my dentist... He checked me thoroughly and gave me an assurance that my mouth is not the source of halitosis.
This time I went to another ENT, who checked me with endoscopy and prescribed me ( Esomeprazole EC tabs, fungilin Loz)
But none of them cured my problem...
Recently I started using probiotics. But they also seems to be not working in my case...
I googled a lot and came to know that halitosis is linked with h.pylori sometimes... ( Although I have issues like bloating , mild stomach pain sometimes in a week, head ace, stressful, lack of appetit)
So I came here to ask you for a suggestion in my case...
Please help me out... I am tired of this awkward and disgusting life

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:00 pm

i dont think it's related to H. pylori. But have you check if you carry H. pylori?

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by DavidLee » Tue Jul 17, 2018 4:59 am

I too have had these weird or unusual symptoms with my own H Pylori jaw was hurting so badly that I was of the view that the two root canals that were done in my mouth many years ago were now compromised. The mucosa in my mouth felt like a constant rash that goes and comes and the occasional mouth blisters. I have taken diary and gluten out of my diet and the mouth/jaw discomfort has gone away. I am still have all the other symptoms of tummy discomfort and dizziness and ringing in my ears. I find walking outdoors help me a lot

I just did my breath test on Friday 13 July after the triple therapy and I am still awaiting the GI doc for his recommendations as to what to do can read my account which I just posted in My HP story. I believe that many traditional doctors have a little clue as to how our gut microbiome affect our overall well....I am very skeptical of taking the next round of Antibiotics at my age 68.
I am reading though on this forum that the Prof says that ONLY antibiotics can eradicate H Pylori.
My wife encourages me by saying be thankful it is not a terminal disease. :roll: :roll:

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Re: Recurrent Hpylori/Weird symptoms

Post by Helico_expert » Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:30 am

First of all, 68 is still young. Prof Marshall is 67 and he is still actively traveling around the world giving talks.

Secondly, Yes, it cannot be killed by natural product. Yes, it can only be killed by antibiotics. Yes, it's becoming common that the first treatment (using triple therapy) failed. and Yes, H. pylori can be eradicated by experienced GI doctor.

Thirdly, Yes, it is not a terminal disease. It will take a long time for very severe problem to develop. However, you should get an endoscopy done. That will give your doctor an understanding of your current stomach condition.

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