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My story and need advice.

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My story and need advice.

Post by rokasmazunavicius » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:49 pm

Hello i really need advice.. I was working in wery dirty enviroment and didint washed my hands allot of times..
All my symphtoms started 5 months ago. At first it was mild symptoms, but over time it became wery uncomfortable..
On may my doctor did endoscopy and found infflimation in the duodenum and said its serious(biopsy negative).
My family doctor didint even reacted into this at all and said its nothing serious. So i decided to just live with it and
wait for it to go away on its own. My symphtoms become wery bad in this waiting period(sugar glucose drops, brain fog after eating,
no energy, strong acid reflux). Also at this time i was eating healthy diet and fallowing all the rules. The sympthoms got wworse and worse
everyday and i decided to go to doctors again. I did allot of health tests. And only 2 were positive.
1. Blood sugar was 2.2
2. H pylori in blood igG was postive.
They offered me to do a fasting test in hospital 3 day fast for a blood sugar problems. They found nothing its unexplainable.
After that i become wery disapointed at everything and sad and still coulnd eat foods like a normal man.
Symphtoms got even worse i become nervous about it and went to do more blood tests.
H pylori igA postive and it shows that i hawe maximmum possible units of it and im super infected.
So i went to gastro doctor i did endoscopy and finaly i got diagnosis what is causing my symphtoms.
3 ulcers in esophagus
And duodenum infflimation. Dyspepsia.
I did 2 antibiotics for 6 days. And nexium for 1.5 Month fallowed by omeprazole for 2 weeks.
When i was drinking antibiotics i felt good but got some side effects from them but generaly i felt better then before them.
When i stopped drinking them i started feeling little bit bad. But my doctor said give it a time and everything is gonna be
okey. 2 months passed and i feel brain fogged again after eating and not wery good after eating. So i decided to do a breath tests
i was off ppis. In my country they dont do breath tests. And i was looking for it long time and finaly i found it long drive from my home.
So i did it. The tests supposed to be done in 6 mins. They stopped at 2 mins and said my bacteria is huge.

Next day i went to another gastro doctor he did endoscopy and now i hawe gastritis with allot of erosions, all ulcers healed
and duodenum healed too.(completely new disease lol) And biopsy was negative....He said all other tests is bullshit and biopsy is always right. And that bacteria is nothing serious.
Ofc this gastritis explain all sympthoms i hawe now dry mouth and heavines after eating. And brain fog..

That doctor looked with this big eyes and said its serious disease but its wery easy to heal with omeprazole... And a diet..

The thing is im on diet like 3-4 months already and i drink this medicine long time. And i got my gastritis while drinking
nexium? And plus all other tests for h pylori is positive(and with maximum units in every tests) and i feel like i hawe it..Po
I really need advice becouse it sounds so illogical. Ive developed gastritis while on anti gastritis diet and on strong ppis?
And all other tests for h pylori is positive ? Except this biopsy ?
Also this doctor said that h pylori is not a disease and its nothing serious. I live in eastern europe.
Plus why everywhere i read people take antibiotics for 14 days ? and i only got for 6 days? And all the tests i do i hawe maximum units of it?
In this time i lost 25 kg already. I believe its becouse caloric deficit.
I can live with it but its wery annoying to live with it and hawe all this digestive sympthoms. And im really regret that i wasnt washing my hands in the past
and living in dirty enviroment and eating food from clients home at my job..
Plus i hear wery scary stories from other people around me that they hawe this gastritis for life and its impossible to get rid of that bacteria..
One woman is living with this 14 years and said she when sympthoms get wery bad she buys ospamox(antibiotic) by controbanda and drinks it by herself to reduce the

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by Helico_expert » Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:40 pm

thanks for sharing your story.

you said that you had blood tested positive for H. pylori, then you had antibiotics treatment for 6 days, then after 2 months you had endoscopy and found negative of H. pylori.

I interpreted this as your 6 days treatment work.

It's good that you had that endoscopy done and showed your erosion and ulcers healed.

Breath or stool test is the best for checking if you still have H. pylori. But if you want to do that, you'll need to stop PPI for at least a month. Alternatively you can switch PPI to ranitidine. Ranitidine will not affect the breath test result. you can continue ranitidine until the night before breath/stool test.

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by rokasmazunavicius » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:25 am

Yes ulcers in esophagus and duodenum healed. But now i hawe gastritis with allot of erosions.. And i developed it by eating healthy and drinking antiacids ? Plus all test postive.. Just biopsy negative.. And when it all started with this bacteria biopsy was negative too :/ and i got miss diagnozed.. My duodenum was infflamed but doctors did biopsy and biopsy was negative.. But that duodenum was from h pylori.. Its wery confusing..

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:03 am

blood test is to check for presence of anti-H. pylori antibodies. it will stay positive even when you are free of H. pylori. This is the property of immune system. They will remember what you had previously. Your blood test will stay positive for H. pylori for months, or even years.

breath and stool test are testing your current infection status. that will tell if you are carrying H. pylori now.

endoscopy can also check current infection status, IF your doctor did a rapid urease test. The histology can sometimes tell if you have H. pylori by looking at the way the immune cells behave or did a specific H. pylori staining.

Nevertheless, all the erosion and ulcers will take time to heal. Most importantly is free of H. pylori. only when there is no H. pylori, your stomach can slowly recover.

Gem stone
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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by Gem stone » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:26 pm

new to this group I am 25 years old I am a patient of chronic gastritis , in 2016 I started with acid reflux in 2017 I had stomach upset every month I used to eat flagyl or entamizole with ciprofloxacin every month. I lost 8 kg of weight I stopped dairy and fruits and pulses and only ate selected foods gourd bottle and zucchini with chapati then in 2018 my doctor asked me for endoscopy it was found that i had moderate gastritis due to h pylori , dr asked me for tripple therapy i have recently done the course in August 2018 now if I try to start normal foods my stool becomes loose and burning in throat starts.
My qs are
How I start normal foods again ??here in Pakistan doctors dont give any probiotics I only take esomeperazole 20mg twice a day

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:24 pm

I think you need to first find out if you still have H. pylori.

you mentioned that you had flagyl and cipro before. so what triple therapy did you have recently?

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by captwelve2018 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:11 am


Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to add a new post so just added to this post. Recently diagnosed and need advise.

Here is my story. Sorry if it is little long.

I started coughing about 7 weeks ago out of the nowhere around July 24th. I did not have a fever. I thought I must have caught something viral possibly. One thing is that a week before I was getting new duct work installed in my house. At the time, I was working from home so I probably inhaled cellulose insulation which caused me to cough possibly the following week by irritating my lungs. I was worried about that so after about 1 week I went to see my primary dr on July 31st who prescribed me cough medicine, flonase, and zyrtec thinking it was allergy or viral and it will eventually go away. I mentioned the cellulose insulation and he said it was ok. Two weeks past and still coughing so went to see my primary dr again on August 14th who ordered a chest x ray and gave me antibiotics (Azithromycin) Z pak for 5 days. The chest x ray was clear and the antibiotics did not help. Some of the symptoms I was experiencing during this time was mostly heartburn and throat irritation (back of throat is little red and irritated). I tried changing my diet to be more healthy thinking I have acid reflux so started eating more vegetables, fruits, water, avoiding spicy and acidic foods, and stop eating after 7pm. It didn't really help much. Still feeling burning on my center chest. My dr also referred me to an Allergist who tested me with a spirometry breathing test. Its where they make you exhale and inhale to measure your lung capacity. Then they give you a broncodialter inhaler then retest after 5 minutes to see if it helps. My results were that it increase about 60% so my Allergist prescribed me prednisone with tapered dose for 8 days. 60mg, 60mg, 40mg, 40mg, 20mg, 20mg, 10mg, and 10mg. He also gave me symbicort which is a inhaled steroid for asthma. I guess he wants to see if that helps my cough. I have 4 more days to go.

I was still having heart burn symptoms. I tried getting in with my primary dr, but he was fully booked so I ended up going to my fathers primary physician where I asked him to test me for Vitamin D deficiency and H pylori. I was there really to see if he might be able to recognize if I have gerd or some sort of acid reflux, but he basically said to try a proton pump inhibitor to see if it helps. He actually laughed and surprised I asked for the H Pylori test. I took the Breath test through Sonora Quest Labs. Several days past and he called me back surprised telling me I was positive. I was shocked. The only reason why I asked about H Pylori was my brother in laws brother had it. So I did some research on the symptoms of H Pylori and it said it can cause heartburn, acid reflux symptoms, Im not sure about the throat symptoms but its possible if refluxing i guess. I contaced my allergist to see if I need to stop the prednisone and he said just finish it which I am doing. Only 4 more days to go. Im planning on taking the antibiotic triple therapy after the prednisone. My fathers physican prescribed me amoxcillan 500mg 2 tablets twice a day, Clarithmycin 500mg 2 times a day, and pantoprazole sod dr 40mg tablet delayed release (DR/EC) 1 tablet twice a day. This was a 10 day course. I asked my sister who is a PA at Mayo Clinic more about it and she looked up the current medical literature and she said that 14 day is a better outcome. Im planning to see my primary dr again this week and tell him my result and see if I can be prescribed the 14 day antibiotic treatment instead of the 10 day treatment. I really want to make sure I eradicate this bacteria. Its definitely causing me anxiety because of all the heartburn and throat symptoms.

My questions are:

1. Since I have taken azithromycin several weeks ago and its in the same macroglide category of Clarithromycin, will that effect the Clarithromycin in eradicating the bacteria? I read somewhere where the bacteria can build resistance. I am assuming that when you treat bacteria and don't completely kill it off it builds resistance. Thats what worries me since they are in the same macroglide category. Will the success rate drop since I took azithromycin already?

2. I did some research and found an article on which talks about the 14 day eradication statistics. It mentioned that by adding bismuth (bismuth potassium citrate 220mg twice a day) you can overcome h pylori resistance to Clarithromycin and decrease bacterial load. The day triple therapy based, bismuth containing quadrupple thereapy achieved ITT success rate of 93% and could be recommended as the first line eradication regimen. Does the bismuth negate the fact that I took azithromycin before. Also I am not sure how safe bismuth is?

3. I was planning on taking probiotics to help little of side effects. Since antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria, when is the best time to take it to hopefully help?

4. I am planning on taking the Breath test 4 weeks after antibiotics, just wondering how long the symptoms of throat irritation, cough, and heartburn last. Hopefully this will resolve it or does it take awhile. I'm really scared taking all the antibiotics but I know thats the only way to kill the bacteria. I'm not use to taking to much medication.

5. I'm wondering if cough is from the heartburn/acid reflux? Does H pylori cause all these types of symptom besides stomach issues?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I see my primary dr this week so will ask about this also. However, I would also like to get the expert advise from the people on this forum. Thank you very much

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by rokasmazunavicius » Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:05 am

You sound exacly as me... it all started with coughting and no fever too. Atleast they look at you lol. I was complaining about gerd indigestion like 4 months and they said its all in my had. I did tests for wery wery serious diseases like Tuberculiosis and even hiv lol. But then i did h pylori test and i find out alll the sympthoms is caused by this little bug.. And found this amazing forum where i find allot of similar stories and sympthoms.
Before i used to be super anxious about it that it will never end and i will hawe to live like this forever. But after reading this forums and posts i see the hope. And i live more confident and relaxed about it.

Treatment is wery easy. You drink antibiotics kill bacteria.

Then your body will autorepair itself overtime.

If bacteria is still here your body wont heal lol. And now where all this fun begins you need to know if you killed it or no. How i understand even if 1% of bacteria survie its gonna spread again.
Btw im still sick with it and im not expert or a doctor thats just how i understand all this. Wery annoying sympthoms. People say its nothing serious you not gonna die. But the sympthoms is like you hawe a flu all the time. Thats why some people call it stomach flu i guess..
I motivate my self when this all over. I will be allot stronger becouse i started eating super healthy and had to change like 80% of my lifestyle.

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by captwelve2018 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:30 am

Thanks for the response rokasmazunavicius. Yes, im not sure how long I have had h pylori. I just started having these symptoms about 2 months ago so wondering if its a recent infection? My wife is currently pregnant with our 2nd child due next year on Jan. Im scared to past this to her or our 3yr old son so want to make sure I do my best to eradicate this bacteria. She went to her obgyn doctor and her dr is familiar with h pylori. Her dr mentioned it can cause heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Her dr advised her to not take antibiotics till after baby is born since they are very powerful and dont know how it will effect the baby which i completely agree. Her dr also said if she has no symptoms she can test/treat later. I dont even know if she is infected. So i told her maybe she can at least get the stool test to determine if she has h pylori. That way im not anxious for her to pass it to our son. Usually my wife and I help feed our son. Since this diagnosis i am trying to play it safe and avoid much food handling contact or at least make sure my hands are always washed. I make sure to wipe everything down. I told her for now since just be careful feeding and not to share food.
I read in some places it can be transferred through saliva so thats why i want to be careful with that.

Once done with prednisone dose in 4 days may wait couple of days to let immune system recover and start the antibiotic treatment. Im still not sure about the triple antibiotic therapy if need to add bismuth to make it quad therapy. Currently, my triple therapy would be amoxcicilan, claritomycin, and a ppi. Since i took azithromycin before im not sure how resistant the bacteria will be to claritomycin since they are in the same macroglide family. Thats why i curious about adding the bismuth to the triple therapy according to the article i linked on my post.

I was also reading on another ladies experience on a h pylori support forum that she took quad therapy that has a high sucess rate. She took 14 days 500 mg of tetracycline every 6 hrs, 375mg to 500mg Flagyl every 6 hrs, 20mg of Omeprazole every 12 hrs, and 525mg of pepto bismal liquid (or bismuth) every 6 hrs, she made sure to set alarms in the night to take meds on time.
Im not sure but will run it by dr also as an option. Hopefully, can also get helico expert thoughts on my post and this quad therapy.

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Re: My story and need advice.

Post by Helico_expert » Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:41 pm

1. if you had azithromycine previously, then your H. pylori may be resistant to clarithromycin as well. Perhaps you want to switch to metronidazole instead.

2. 14 days treatment does increase the success rate a little. you can also do the following to boost the cure rate. increase pantoprazole to 80mg; increase Amoxicillin to 1g 3 times a day (total 3g a day); and add bismuth into your treatment and make it a quadruple therapy. bismuth is pretty safe. it gives very dark color stool. so some doctors are worried about internal bleeding. but there is no need to worry about it. you can check out pepto-bismol.

3. there is no guideline how to take probiotics. you can take it whenever you feel like taking.

4. the symptoms recovery is very subjective. some people recovery within a week. some take months or years. it depends on the damage done.

5. H. pylori can cause reflux. and if your coughing is due to reflux, then eradicating H. pylori may cure coughing. also, if the coughing is due to other bacteria, the strong antibiotics will also cure that problem.

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