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I'm new here and tested hpyori positive

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Re: I'm new here and tested hpyori positive

Post by Shaan0188 » Mon May 21, 2018 6:20 am

Hello Kakarot! I have also been diagnosed with H Pylori and have been on the triple meds for about 12 days now. The chance of Cancer is very slim and only happens if the problem goes untreated for long time. So you need not worry!! Take the prescribed medicines on time, eat appropriately and try to stay away from tension. I have noticed that the more I thought about the problems my stomach produced more acid thus giving me heartburn. Talking with friends and family and staying happy helps a lot and speeds up the healing. Meds will come with its side effects, these different for everyone but mostly along the lines of bloating, heartburn, body pain etc. I experienced these side effects after 3 days of taking meds, but have been feeling better since the 8th day. I keep my diet simple and try not to experiment alot, as anything out of normal can trigger heartburn and give a sleepless night. Drinking good amount of water helps, I also eat bananas as they sooth my stomach. At night sleeping on the left side with head elevated helps in keeping the acid in stomach and reducing heartburn. Hope this info helps! Do not worry you will get better soon!

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Re: I'm new here and tested hpyori positive

Post by Kakarot » Mon May 21, 2018 7:11 am

Sharon, Bless U, U don't know how much your words of wisdom helped me!!! I had no clue what H pylori was, until I started looking on the internet!!! I was scared, frighten beyond words! The medication I'm taking, was taking a toll on me, I think mentally, but now I'm starting to calm somewhat!! Once again Sharon, I thank (U)!!!!

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