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When HP/Gastritis becomes Cancer

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When HP/Gastritis becomes Cancer

Post by ruinfix » Wed Nov 11, 2015 8:58 am

First off, I've been feeling so much better these days (touch on wood), my symptoms are gone most days.

However, I have one concern (not necessarily for me, just in general) that was raised on the HP/Gastritis Facebook group I frequent. A woman was diagnosed with HP, with gastritis symptoms for 14 months, had an endoscopy twice and was diagnosed only with HP. However she was hospitalized at one stage, and the doctors found a "shadow on her lung" which ended up being cancer. In her own words:
Just wanting to alert but not frighten everyone but my Gastritis/h pylori has gone on to the nxt level - I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer - this is despite 2 endoscopies - the last in May this year which reported mild gastritis and h pylori as well as ct scans which have also missed it - all my symptoms for the last 14 months have been classic gastritis symptoms. The bottom line don't let doctors fob you off with things like gastritis/ h pylori is nothing - if you know something is wrong make sure they take you seriously or find another doctor.

I was admitted to hospital in the middle of triple therapy unable to eat or drink. Had had 14 months of gastritis symptoms. In hosp they found shadow on the lung - did needle biopsy and the result was malignancy from cells normally found in the gastrointestinal tract - no need to be a genius to know where they came from - so was diagnosed by respiratory consultant whilst the gastros refused to see me telling me to go back as an outpatient. Not sure what comes next as only found out last Wed - been referred urgently to gastro team.
My question is. How thorough should we be with getting angles checked. Should we be getting chest X-rays too?

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Re: When HP/Gastritis becomes Cancer

Post by Helico_expert » Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:36 pm

first of all, congratulation that you are feeling better. Not sure if I have asked you before, have you check if you still carry H. pylori?

I think that woman with breast cancer, is a bit rare. H. pylori do not travel to other parts of your body. They were restricted to only stomach. They are occasionally found in the mouth and intestine, but they are not able to stay there long.

H. pylori is associated with gastric cancer and has been classified by WHO as Class I carcinogen.

however, I think genetic plays a more important role and follow by diet. There are so many people in the world infected with H. pylori and only a handful unfortunate ones develop cancer. This suggest that H. pylori act as a catalyst that speed up the cancer among the carrier. Anyway, exactly how H. pylori causes cancer is still unknown. We only know that H. pylori is "found" in most gastric cancer cases.

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