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Helicobacter aftermath

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by redsoxguy » Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:46 am

I've just turned 24 in June and I have never had any type of illness in my life until I was 22. I never missed a day of school or sporting event due to illness so this whole process was new to me. I didn't even know what gastro meant! I got sick in Vegas on a trip every night for about 3 nights thinking it was the flu (I would just have nauseous feeling and throwing up) I went home and a week later I got sick again. They miss diagnosed me with a prostate infection and I was on this antibiotic for 30 days and I was still getting sick on and off. I went to a GI doc and he found I had HP. I then started the treatment and the antibiotics made me really sick but I stuck it out for 14 days and then had a scope done a month later and I came back negative for HP but GI doc said I had a little bit of gastritis due to all the Antibiotics I took.

After the treatment I was off everything and THEN I got acid reflux,indigestion, and I would throw up every once in awhile. I got on Zantac for 2 months and it helped the throwing up and the acid reflux,indigestion slowly went away for good! Then the gnawing pain came after the acid reflux but now for 2 weeks it has been gone. I went about 5 months with no symptoms but when I went out of town I got shaky/nervous and threw up.

Is it still possible that since I was on Antibiotics BEFORE the trip therapy that just means my stomach needs MORE TIME to heal still? Or am I going to be like this for the rest of my life? I think since I had such good health before and am only 24 that my stomach SHOULD be able to get back to normal. In those months I was feeling back to normal(just the gnawing in the morning) I was able to eat ANYTHING I wanted to and I was fine. I even ate 3 slices of meat lovers and 2 chili cheese dogs in one day and nothing ever happen!

So to sum it all up. I have been nauseous on and off and throwing up sometimes. Should I try and get back on Zantac for another month and let my stomach calm down and heal? Or since it's already been a year and a half this is just how its going to be?

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by lennytan » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:37 am

Hi Helico_expert, yup I have taken the same stool test (antigen test) as to the one you have referred to the link and it came out negative.
Everything is now normal, my bowel and stomach is okay but the weird part here is that my right upper abdomen radiating to the back is still in pain.

The weirder part here is that the pain occurs when I nodd (heads down) and on a certain position (sitting position), and I don't feel any pain when I am lying in bed or walking/standing. I have already performed a series of tests (CT scan, ultrasound gallbladder, ultrasound upper GI) and all came back negative :(. I am now at lost since the doctors (already 3 doctors told me this) told me that they could not find any issues in my body system :(

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by Woodzee » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:50 am

I posted on here about a year ago, regarding my pylori infection and my continuing dyspepsia.
Here is an update;

Diagnosed h.pylori +ve: Jan 2010, after vomiting and heartburn for 1 month (endoscopy also found duodenal ulcer)
Put on triple therapy immediately - heartburn began to cease.

2 months post treatment, still suffering from dyspepsia - Continued with PPI's.
3 months post treatment - had 2nd endoscopy which showed that stomach and duodenum had healed. I was H.pylori -ve. but still suffering from dyspepsia. Consultant placed me on Rantidine as per NICE guidelines.
May 2010 - had Ultrasound scan to check for gallstones. Results showed no abnormalities detected (NAD)
Consultant referred me to consultant physician.

July 2010 - reviewed by the second consultant. Informed that I had nothing physically wrong with my digestive system. Stop taking ranitidine, told 'things will improve in time' = given CT scan as a precaution to rule out any external factors. CT results = NAD.

October 2010 - Dyspepsia continues to effect health. Depression kicks in after 10 months of perpetuating nausea and constant pain. Started on SSRI's.
December 2010 - continue to lose weight

February 2011 - After not coping well with depression (from nausea and stomach pain) placed onto new SSRI's. I ask to be referred to another gastro consultant.

May 2011 - Having waited 3 months for an appointment, i see a 3rd consultant, he informs me that there appears to be nothing physically wrong with me (though looking at my previous medical notes) and says that this is something i will just have to live with.
August 2011 - stomach pain and nausea continue to get worse, as does depression.

Through out my epsiodes between seeking medical help, I have altered my diet, changed to several small meals a day, excluded gluten and removed certain food groups to avoid as much stomach pain. I have also tried alternate therapies as reccomended by evidence-based research i.e. Clinical journals and systematic reviews. All have had little efficacy. My ability to engage with social activities continues to decline as my nausea continues to dominate my life.

At 25 yrs old, I'm open to any suggestions or perhaps some motivation to help me through this problem.
Kind regards

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by Helico_expert » Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:42 am

I am sorry to hear what happens to you. I assume you last test included H. pylori and it's negative. sometimes, H. pylori concentration is so low that it's not detactable. the only way is to do a biopsy and culture the bacteria.

you have to stop PPI for at least 1 week to avoid false negative breath test
stop antibiotic for at least 3 weeks to avoid false negative breath test

we are really focus on the removal of H. pylori. The rest is not our expertise. However, I'll ask around if anyone has any suggestion.

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by HardMath » Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:04 am

Hello-- I was diagnosed with non-ulcerative colitis at age 12 and have regularly had debilitating stomach issues, especially brought on by stress. Had to drop out of college after my freshman year it was so bad. For a few years in my 30s, eating a macrobiotic diet seemed to help. My father had stomach issues all his life which I attributed to his meat and junk food-based diet, but after my diagnosis with H pylori last month I bet it's what he suffered from too.
In my 50s, 3 things made my stomach bloated and horribly painful: 1. taking oral antibiotics after day three, 2. arriving too quickly at a high altitude, and 3. a rapid drop in weather temperature.
Had been in bad shape continuously for the last year so so I FINALLY went to a GI doctor for: 1. small bowel follow through, 2. colonoscopy with biopsy, and 3. endoscopic exam with biopsy. Even knowing my misery with antibiotics the doctor insisted I take a Prevpak for my just-diagnosed H pylori for 12 days, which I completed six days ago.
Was feeling even worse following treatment and found your "aftermath" topic pertinent. Things that didn't help this past week were: 1. brown rice cream (cereal) diet, 2. aloe vera juice, and 3. probiotics. But YAAAAY!!! What finally turned the corner for me was locally made, refrigerated and fermented sauerkraut!!! Had been in so much pain I was still crying this morning and questioning the value of life, until I cracked open the heaven-sent sauerkraut...
Won't know if I killed off the H pylori bacteria in my stomach for awhile, but at least the misery following the Prevpak has subsided. Good luck to everyone and thank you for this forum!

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by airunreal » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:01 pm

HardMath, thanx for your story. hope it will help someone
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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by Helico_expert » Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:41 am

To Hardmath,

after you completed your antibiotic course, give yourself a few weeks to recover. Your stomach is too used to bacteria, it needs time to adapt to time without H. pylori.

remember to get a followup breath test a month later. that will confirm your eradication of H. pylori.

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by redsoxguy » Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:45 am

I tried asking for any suggestions or help on this page a few months ago but no reply's... Anyways, after I got really sick 1.5 years ago with H.Pylori I was misdiagnosed with a prostate infection for a few days... then they checked my gallbladder and found nothing either they finally decided to test me for HP and I had that. After a few weeks of just throwing up I got started on the tripple therapy and AFTER I eradicated(had a scope done a month after, had a breath test done 3 months ago and a scope done 1 month ago, all came back negative) I then got the acid reflux,indigestion and if I ate something too heavy it would make me feel like I needed to throw up. I kept thinking I was still sick but it caused me to have anxiety about getting sick again but I now blame myself for not letting my stomach heal back up. After HP your stomach isn't used to be without it so I think the stomach is too suspect to some types of foods,drinks. It took me about 1.5 years for my stomach to get back to normal. I still take a zantac every once in awhile just to be on the safe side but I have lost all my symptoms! Before I got sick I was in perfect health and never worried about anything. I'm pretty close to being perfect again so it does take time!

Everyone is different. People can completely heal after a few weeks, months, or years. I had age on my side so I was able to get back to normal!

My suggestion for people who are still struggling after they eradicate it and all other tests come back neg(science doesn't lie, listen to your tests and believe them!) stop stressing out about it and know you will get better. Try and go on a no greasy,fatty,acidic diet for about a month or two and let your body reset and then gradually introduce your diet back into your life... First time I had a Pepsi since I got sick today!

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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by Liandella » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:20 pm

One thing I know is, after a person has to undergo lots of antibiotic therapy, those drugs kill both "good" and bad bacteria in the intestines, so while some people's natural gut flora returns to normal on its own, other people do better if they consume probiotics. Probiotics are "good" bacteria and they help break down waste. See, sometimes people will wind up with some constipation after antibiotics. I have not had H.pylori, but whenever I take antibiotics, when I finish the very last pill, I drink either Acidophilus milk or eat Activia yogurt for a couple weeks. They have the "good" bacteria in them and it restores your bowel movements to normal. You can also get the so-called "best" probiotics at a healthfood store in a bottle, but those grocery store items of milk and yogurt do well enuff. Also, drink plenty of water and stay active by at least doing some long easy walks around the neighborhood. Oh, and eat enuff fiber, like oat cereal, wheat bread, and salads, bulks up waste and thus makes it easier to pass. I don't know about any other things that might be bothering you as I am not familiar with exactly what you're going thru right now, but this little bit I've said won't hurt, in any case.
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Re: Helicobacter aftermath

Post by Surviving » Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:02 am

Hi there and I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I have experienced some similar things as I am sure others on here have. The best ideas I can offer are just to keep plugging away at trying to get a handle on this. Consult as many people with expertise in the field as you can. The body can be a complicated thing and sometimes finding the best treatment for us as individuals can be a bit of a trial and error. Sometimes people react differently to different treatments even with the same condition. Getting a second opinion from an expert on helico sounds like a good idea though.

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