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Post Treatment Questions

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Post Treatment Questions

Post by kullboys » Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:42 pm

So a few weeks ago, I had a confirmed diagnosis of an active HP infection.

Hello everyone
I started the standard 14-day triple therapy, 20 mg Omeprazole, 500 mg Clarithromycin, and 1 g Amoxicillin, twice a day. During the treatment, I was also using probiotics and other natural gut flora enhancers (Kefir, yogurt, etc.)

By day 3 I was feeling pretty good. At about day 5, I started having occasional bouts of nausea, and the gas/bloating, but not nearly as bad as before, nor as often. I did miss dose timing by about 5 hours on day 12 of the course, but I corrected it by spreading the time lag over the remaining doses.

My last dose was Tuesday, August 3. This last weekend, I had recurrences of the gas/bloating and nausea, but again, not as severe, and not as often. I'm still taking the PPI twice a day, and I'm still on probiotics.

My question is this: How long can I expect until full recovery? Am I doing anything wrong? Should I cut out the PPI now?

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Post Treatment Questions

Post by Helico_expert » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:54 am

I assume you meant July 3.

You are probably still experiencing some side effects from the antibiotics. Give it a few more days for the antibiotics to be totally out of your system and you should feel better.

You can gradually stop your PPI if you feel like you dont need it. Can also talk to your doctor about switching to a milder form, eg. ranitidine.

full recovery is subjective. some people recover immediately (like myself), and some take months or years (like my assistant). But majority of people recover pretty quickly.

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