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Helicobacter pylori genome and next-generation sequencing

One of the first bugs to be sequenced, H.pylori has a small genome (1.6 MD) befitting its lifestyle in a hostile acidic mucosal niche. Of the 1500 genes, 750-1000 are essential, the others are different in each strain. Hp has an "open pan-Genome" which means the more strains you look at the more genes you will find - i.e. you will never have a complete set of all its possible genes!

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Helicobacter pylori genome and next-generation sequencing

Post by stomach » Thu May 27, 2010 5:11 pm

Here is a good review about how we can take advantage of next-generation cheap and massive sequencing tech... :idea:
Engstrand-2009-How will next-genera.pdf
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Re: Helicobacter pylori genome and next-generation sequencin

Post by barjammar » Thu May 27, 2010 9:41 pm

Here is an article you sent me about "The Sequence Factory" which is the BGI in Shenzen. I am using it to test the upload of a pdf less than 512 Kb.
Nature news article about the BGI
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Check the link below for information on hard-to-treat cases. Then search the forums for questions and answers similar to yours.

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