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* 2 YR OLD* Mum of child untreated H.Pylori since 2 YRS OLD

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Mum2YO with H.Pylori
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* 2 YR OLD* Mum of child untreated H.Pylori since 2 YRS OLD

Post by Mum2YO with H.Pylori » Wed May 13, 2015 9:53 am

Hello. I am looking for some help. My child has been diagnosed with H.Pylori and has been untreated since 2 years old! Doctors have been unsure how to treat someone so young! I really need some advice from a professional but unsure who to see!? Or speak to!? HELP PLEASE! He has gone years with this and has so many side affects including severe obesity and other heath problems. Please help!?

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Re: * 2 YR OLD* Mum of child untreated H.Pylori since 2 YRS

Post by Helico_expert » Wed May 13, 2015 2:22 pm

it's probably not a bad thing for an infant to have such infection. Most importantly, does your child has any symptom? if no, then just leave it.

reason 1.
Many people are infected with H. pylori since children and grow into adulthood fine. can take antibiotics later on to avoid ulcers or digestive problem.

reason 2.
it's a very chronic infection and it's rare for children to develop stomach ulcers.

reason 3.
Many studies suggest that H. pylori actually "train" our immune system to be less sensitive to allergens.

reason 4.
the antibiotics could do more harm than curing your child.

what should you do to prevent transmission from your child?
try avoid sharing food with your child and wash your hand frequently.

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