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Finally a positive test. Help with understanding antibiotics

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Finally a positive test. Help with understanding antibiotics

Post by Ltb » Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:24 am

After 1.5 years with h pylori and 2 failed triple therapies ive finally had a positive h pylori stool test. I only took antibiotics before because of an ulcer and doc sure I had h pylori

In January 20143 I had:
Amox, clarith, and Lanzopraprazole for 7 days

in Feb 2014 I had :
metron, tetracycline, and lanzoprazole

I continued to have symptoms and more ulcers .Ive just got results of stool test back and its positive!!!!! and here it says the different antibiotics its sensitive to :-

Positive resistance to:-
Vancomycin (vanA/vanB
Imidazole (nimA, nimD

Negative resistance to:-
Fluoroquinolones (qnrA
b-Lactamase (bl2b)
Tetracyclin (tetA

The strange thing is that it looks as though it is resistant to Vancomycin and Imidazole. It looks as though Tetracycline and L Lactamase and Fluoroquin will kill it. However Ive had both Amoxcillin and Tetracyclin before and it didn't seem to do anything. I did have one day on the tetracyclin therapy where I felt things were gone though( no burping etc) and this is the only day Ive had in the whole time where I felt normal. my question is what do you advise I take. ? I had one doctor who wanted to prescribe the following:-

Rifabutin, Ciproflaxacin, Bismuth and Lanzoprazole.

I would rather not take Fluoroquin based drugs unless I have to. would you recommend I take Tetracyclin again? Amoxcillin again. I did develop bad diarreah and a rash with Amoxcillin too so wondered if an allergy to Amox reduces its effect.

Please help as I feel I have finally turned a corner. Been waiting for 18 months for a positive test and now I have it. I just don't understand why the antibiotics didn't work before as it should be susceptible to them.

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