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taking bicarbonate

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taking bicarbonate

Post by cerrito » Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:00 pm

since I posted my message on the wrong place here is again, a 2nd diagnosis for me came last Friday (had the same last year) and I taken my first medication yesterday but felt very sick to the point of vomiting. I didn't want to take the medication because I was scared to feel the same and vomit but my office friend told me I should so after not taking two doses I have taken again at lunch time, making me sick but I have anyway.

This is the doses and I wan to know if this is correct as I think is too much.

Lansoprazole 30mg/ taking 1 tablet, 2 or 3 hrs before any food, so get up at 4 am and take and back to sleep, 6am get up have breakfast go to work. (coffee is very bad for me)
Moxicillin 500mg/ taking 2 tables twice a day, this is 2000mg per day :o is this ok.
Clarithromycin 500mg/ 1 tablet twice a day.

ok. feel sick, bloated and bad, my doctor said she was going to do a ultrasound will anything show here, like ulcers o aliens, because this is what we have aliens living in our stomach.
My husband said I should take bicarbonate with water when I feel very bad, is this a good idea?

hope someone can reply.

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