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Do I have Helicobacter?

There are several types of tests for H.pylori. The major ones have a their own forum.

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Re: Do I have Helicobacter?

Post by RandomUser » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:59 pm

Thanks for your support! After a long time, I'm coming back to report on the Endoscopy that was made in November on the 18th.
The results of the endoscopy were that the oesophagus, stomach, and pylorus appeared normal. But for the duodenum, they wrote "Suggestion of post-ulcer scarring and some duodenitis". They explained to me that I probably an ulcer that healed already and now they can see the scars that are left.

Regarding Helicobacter, they said this: "No specimens were taken. A biopsy urease (CLO test) performed on two antral biopsies was negative". So I guess at this point it's fairly certain I don't have Helicobacter, so I don't know whether I should move to another forum?

Anyway, I took Lansoprazole 30mg each day for about 4 weeks over the Christmas period, which completely stopped all symptoms, except for a slightly stinging feeling on the right hand side of my upper abdomen, I guess right where the duodenum is.
Then I stopped it and after a few days began to have problems with bloatedness, and dull pain on the left upper side (I assume where the stomach is) and still the right side, so I took another two weeks of Lanso 15mg each day before eating dinner, as it was especially noticeable during the night.

Since mid-January I stopped completely and it has been getting better, even without medicine. However, it didn't really go away completely - I can still "feel" my stomach often like a lump stone in my chest, and every few days it starts hurting, on the right but especially on the left hand side as a dull pain, accompanied by a stiff and bloated lower abdomen. No other symptoms though. This gets better over the course of a few days until it returns again. But for some unknown reason, the feeling in my body has never returned to how it was before this all started in August... :?

I called my GP practice and the next appointment they give me is in over 4 weeks from now. So now I don't have any professional advice on hand at the moment, so I am calling you for advice on what I should do.
The gastroenterologist in November said that it's normal for people to have that sometimes, then they take PPI and it's gone after a few weeks. But I've been struggling with it so long already, so it doesn't sound like the common short "Christmas-Eating-Ulcer".

So now I am wondering - Although it has been getting better very slowly in the long term, what would you guys recommend me to do? Is it really just that hard to heal, and I need to keep eating well to eventually do it? Or could it be some special condition which I haven't been diagnosed with yet, such as a food intolerance or some enzymes/other bacteria - which when diagnosed I could get rid of through specific medication? Or am I doomed for life and it's chronical, and these scars will never heal and always cause problems? :|

Also, should I take another round of low-dosage PPI since it has been getting a bit worse? Doesn't pain mean that I have to protect my stomach somehow from taking more damage?

Thank you all again for taking the time. I hope that it helps others in the same situation. You are the best.

Here are the endoscopy photos:

First stage of duodenum

second part of duodenum

fundus in retroflexion

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