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blood test neg, stool test pos, breath test neg

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blood test neg, stool test pos, breath test neg

Post by slimjim888 » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:32 pm

I am a 28 year old male who was diagnosed with GERD about a year ago. a little over a year ago, I had a barium swallow and endoscopy, which showed that I had moderate GERD and acid reflux. I was put on pentaprozole/Dexilant and the symptoms disappeared after a couple months. Fast forward to the recent months, I've been eating a lot of junk food, spicy food, ice cream etc. and have symptoms of pain under the left rib, needing to burp constantly (need to twist my body to the left), headaches, diarrhea pain under left rib depending what I eat, nausea, etc. I had a comprehensive blood test where everything was normal except a lack of Vitamin D.

I had a stool test which was positive for H Pylori, but the blood test was negative. As a result, my gastroenterologist had me do a breath test, which also was negative. How is this possible when my stool test was positive? Prior to this, I wasn't really taking my antacids other than a few TUMS (maybe twice a week) and 40mg of Pentaprozole (maybe once/twice a week). Could this screw up the the results? The doctor put me on 40mg of omegaprozole stating that my symptoms might be GERD related. What should I do? Should I request another test since my stool tested positive for H pylori?

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Re: blood test neg, stool test pos, breath test neg

Post by Helico_expert » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:52 am

Your results are interesting. But in this case, I would believe blood and breath test more.

The antibody in your blood doesn't react with the standard Helicobacter antigen, which already give strong indication of you not being infected.

The urea breath test, assuming that your doctor collected your breath correctly, which react directly on H. Pylori, also produce a negative result. These two tests combine are close to 100% accuracy. Nevertheless, urea breath test can be affected by PPI. If u did not stop PPI for at least 2 weeks prior the test, it is very likely that you will get a false negative.

Stool antigen test on the other hand is also very sensitive. It react directly on H. Pylori itself. So given that the blood and urea breath tests are negative, I am suspecting that your stool antigen test is cross reacting with some other H. Pylori species, probably in the intestine. These Helicobacter living in the intestine are usually harmless.

Since breath test is very simple, I would switch my PPI to ranitidine, wait for a month and repeat the breath test. Ranitidine is a weaker acid suppressant. Unlike PPI, you can continue ranitidine until the night before the breath test.

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Re: blood test neg, stool test pos, breath test neg

Post by shid0x » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:01 pm

Its probably fine, you probably have a sensitive stomach.
So lay off the junk food for a long while and see how it goes.

Pain under left ribs can be other things but if you're blood is fine and your doc told you it was ok then no worries.

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