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Omg please help!

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:42 pm
by Ltb
This just seems to go on and on and on. I wonder if any expert on here can shed any light on my situation!!

July 2013: Began having h pylori symptoms, acid burping , yellow stool, indigestion chronically
October 2013: H pylori stool test negative
January 2014 : 2 Peptic Ulcers found on endoscopy. Got given Triple therapy. No H pylori found on endoscope
February 2014: Ulcer was in process of healing, but symptoms remained. 4 biopsies showed no h pylori or Giardia infection. Got given 2nd Triple therapy anyway just in case.
March 2014: Breath test h pylori negative.
March 2014: Complete stool test H pylori negative /Giradia negative/ maldigestion seen on test
April 2014: Blood test for h pylori revealed I was negative (that id never had it-so I had 2 lots of triple therapy for no reason)

April 2014: Saw doctor privately yesterday. He seemed confused as to what had caused my ulcer as ive never taken pain killers for anything really. He suggested taking a months supply of Docyciline 100mg to see if it could be another bug aside from giardia and h pylori.

My symptoms are still acid burping, yellow stool, indigestion. im refusing to take ppi drugs now as they just don't do anything other than remove the acid. the burping remains, and the general feeling of not feeling well.

Is it likely that tests can be inaccurate? can I now definitely rule out Giardia and H pylori? Anyone know of any other bacteria /parasite that can cause ulcers/duodenitis?