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How long does this last?

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How long does this last?

Post by SimonAD » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:33 pm

Hi forum,

I was battling HP since August 2015 and after 3 rounds of triple therapy (Sept-Jan) and a quadruple therapy in February 2016 I now have tested free of HP 3 weeks ago. My story doesn't end here though. I had a range of symptoms since August such as nausea, bloating, anxiety, belching, problems swallowing and generating feeling run down- which the doctor said was most likely all due HP (the swallowing issues they reckoned was down to reflex damage/gastritis). I've been diagnosed with having very mild espohogial dysmotility since August 2015.

I haven't felt 100% normal in over seven months; I still have issues swallowing normally, very mild episodes of nausea and not feeling hungry at least twice a week but all the other symptoms have cleared.

Is this normal recovery? I'm hoping that all symptoms will disappear over the next coming weeks but any experience anyone has of this will be gratefully received.


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Re: How long does this last?

Post by Helico_expert » Mon May 02, 2016 3:13 pm

the recovery of everyone can be very different. some members in this forum took months or years to go back to normal. In your case, as long as you are free of H. pylori, at least you are chance of getting gastric cancer is much lowered. I would recommend you to wait it out and see how it goes a month later. Meanwhile, if you have any reflux or acid problem. Try control with H2 blocker, eg. ranitidine.

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