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Bacteriophages for Hp?

Posted: Thu May 09, 2013 10:49 pm
by Romlar
Feline Herpes Virus kills Helicobacter Pylory!
I tried everything possible to support my Hp in suppressed state ( since 01. 2006, when I got infected after kissing an ulcer patient ), but even with the good results ( no symptoms during the day) I always had heavy painful stomach in the morning, was exhausted really and tired/ But a month ago we got the kitten with teary eyes and constantly sneezing, vet said it's most likely FHV ( Feline herpes virus), tried to treat him with antibiotics ( to rule out bacterial infection) , with no results , that was a support for FHV ( as vet said it's the most often case in kittens) and also the vet said his symptomes will subside by themselves, when cat will grow up . Within 2 weeks me and my daughter got the same terrible symptoms- teary itchy eyes and running itchy nose, also hadaches pritty severe , BUT- MY STOMACH STOPPED HURTING ABSOLUTELY! ( EVEN NOT IN THE MORNING!!!). I started to feel like I was before the infection- completely healthy! ( except the herpes visrus that was multiplying in my eyes and nose, causing a severe headache)
Me as an immunologist ( Hem/Onc Dr from Russia) I realized that what I have is CD8/4 propagation ( T lymphocytes), that goes down in chronic Hp infection. These lymphocytes CD4 especially responsible for recognizing bacterial antigen molecules ( Hp proteins) on dendritic cells and kill the bacteria eventually/ or it was a bacteriophage situation ? ( virus itself killing the Hp) ! ( at this point - it would be interesting to know Dr Marshal opinion, or any of his Drs!)
And now , having this constant headache from FHV and inflamed pink eyes , also once in a while running nose ( virus affects nervus opticus and decreases vision eventually), I'm finally resting from stomach condition , eating everything and sleeping better/ Who knows how long I'll have this effect, but it seems to be herpes virus- is a life long condition/ Also as a vet defound FHV doesn't grow on human cells ?! ( publications support this too) .
This is a LIE !, there are no studies ( checked PubMed throughout many times! ) for Low CD4 cells patients- how in these conditions FHV survives and thrives ( all Hp patients have decreased CD4 counts!) Studies needed!