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Here are the old Forums, Questions and Answer Style

Post by admin » Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:45 pm

:D Hi, I am just doing this for practice as I set up the new board. However, I have rescued all my old answers and I have copied the page here so that you can easily read them. ... or-FAQ.htm
Also, the text is searchable below.
Diagnosis and Testing / Breath Tests (UBT) / Re:
Acidity and Diarrhea after Pylori treatment
on: Jan 17th,
2008, 12:10am
Acidity can increase - usually temporarily - because some people with H.pylori have
low acid levels. After Hp is cured, as the stomach becomes healthier, it makes
normal amounts of acid. Then the patient may feel acidic especially if they have a
weak lower oesophageal sphincter and heartburn is felt (gastro-oesophageal reflux
disease - "GERD"). Acid blockers such as Nexium are the treatment at this stage.
The GOOD NEWS is that high acid levels probably protect from cancer of the

Diarrhea can occur - as a side effect of antibiotics. If there is blood visible in the
stool it needs to be investigated as sometimes a colon infection is the cause
(C.difficle bacteria). Usually though, diarrhea is only present while the antibiotics
are actually being taken. About 25% of people being treated for Hp have loose
stools temporarily.
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Symptoms and Diseases / Weird Diseases and
Syndromes / Re: H Pylori and chronic fatigue
on: Jan 8th,
2008, 2:01am
It is timely to discuss chronic fatigue syndrome here. Hpylori is probably a cause
of CFS in about 20% of cases is my guess. In any case, eradicating Hp does no
harm. What casues the rest of the CFS cases? I don't know, but I am sure there
would be a Nobel Prize for the person who works out what is going on. As usual
with unexplained diseases, many theories exist and everyone has a treatment they
recommend for it. Stress is NOT relevant in my opinion. I have seen completely
mentaly normal unstressed people get it. The good news is that it is not fatal and
eventually improves.
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Symptoms and Diseases / Ulcers / Re: pylori symptoms
on: Nov 8th,
2007, 4:10pm
Hi, there is some link between headaches and Hp. Check for it and treat it if
your child can take the treatment. Good luck.
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Symptoms and Diseases / Ulcers / Re: my father,s
on: Jun 15th,
2007, 5:19pm
After surgery - about half the people do not have H.pylori and about half do. You
can't tell if it is gone or not unless a test is done. If the germ is still present, then
you can get the ulcer back, but more importantly, you can also be at risk from
stomach cancer. So, your father should have a blood test for H.pylori. If positive
then he should take the treatment.
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Everything Else! / If you have a weird question! / Re:
Amount/Concentration of H. Pylori in our syste
on: Mar 28th,
2007, 8:24am

1. Breath Test
2. PYtest
3. <50 is normal, >200 is positive, >2000 is a typical high value.
4. No - Hp can exist without ulcers.
5. With the C13 breath test >3 is positive, >10 is typical. It is expressed in
complicated units - like %/100 above baseline (it is a very small change but the
instruments are very accurate).

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Basic Science / cagA - Cytotoxin associated gene / Re:
Hummingbird phenotype
on: Mar 25th,
2007, 2:59pm
Hi, it is nice to see some basic science on the forum.
The link below is a search of the discussion forum - it contains some people who
had the same question (which you could have found already maybe). ... on=search2

Also, the slides are at this clickable link. ... /frame.htm
I recall that slide 8 upper frame has the image of actual cells.

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Pregnancy Families Kids Pets etc. / Dogs and Cats / Re:
Does anyone have a dog that was diagnosed with
on: Mar 5th,
2007, 6:35pm
Hi dog lovers;
The dog helicobacter is a different one from the H.pylori but I agree that humans
sometimes can catch it (so don't let your dog lick you on the face). I did treat
some cats once but actually I never treated dogs.
The treatment would be the same as the human treatment. Rather than
famotidine, a drug ike Prilosec (omeprazole) is preferred (acid pump blockers work
better). Give a high dose, plus a high dose of amoxycillin, and metronidazole. Add
pepto-bismol tablets if you can.
Someone should do a treatment trial on this. I will talk to my vet about that issue.
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Basic Science / cagA - Cytotoxin associated gene / Re:
Hummingbird phenotype Cag A and fatigue
on: Mar 5th,
2007, 6:28pm
Hi Tanja.
CagA toxin is only an issue if the H.pylori is still present - most H.pylori do produce
the toxin so this feature is no big issue. The first thing to do in MALT lymphoma is
eradicate the Hp. After that, if Hp is gone from the stomach, then other MALT
sometimes disappears too.
But after you cure the Hp, it really cannot be doing any further harm. The fatigue
must be something else. Often, with fatigue, no cause can be found - but
endocrine testing is worthwhile (thyroid esp.).
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Symptoms and Diseases / Dyspepsia / Re: H-Pylori,
colitis, enlarged spleen
on: Mar 5th,
2007, 6:20pm
Dear AmyLynn;
I recall that pain outside the stomach area is not usually caused by H.pylori. Weird
things such as tiredness and worsening of bowel symptoms can be influenced by
H.pylori though. So, when everything else is investigated, have a follow-up breath
test to see if the Hp is still there. If the bug is still present then careful choice of
treatment will be required as it will be resistant to several antibioticws by now.
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Symptoms and Diseases / Weird Diseases and
Syndromes / Re: Ammonia smell
on: Mar 5th,
Dear Weirdsyndrome;
Ammonia, if it comes from H.pylori (in the stomach) would be absorbed in the gut
and removed by the liver. If it was being produced in the stomach, the acid would
turn it into ammonium ions which are rather harmless. This means that it is
unlikely that the ammonia smell would be from H.pylori. I think there must be
some other explanation. There is a lot of literature on ammonia but I don't recall
ever seeing a patient who smelled of it. Maybe you are the first. To lower
ammonia, I suggest you decrease the amount of protein you eat (i.e. meat) and
drink plenty of water. In any case, eradicating the H.pylori is stll a wise choice.
Try to find a gastroenterologist or infectious disease person who has an interest in
H.pylori. You may be a unique case!
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Symptoms and Diseases / Weird Diseases and
Syndromes / Re: back pain and Symptoms after
on: Feb 2nd,
2007, 9:52pm
Back pain can be from a duodenal ulcer but this would heal with teatment for
H.pylori - so the pain should go.
Remember that H.pylori symptoms from the stomach are separate from acid
refux symptoms higher up. Therefore they can change independently. For acid
symptoms treat as required with drugs like Omeprazole or Zantac. I mention the
latter one because it does not interfere with follow-up breath tests after H.pylori
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Naturopathy and Unproven Treatments / Honey Garlic
Chili etc. / Re: Chinese Medicine Skeptic Wants Better
on: Feb 2nd,
2007, 9:44pm
This is an interesting study on the face of it. However, it needs to be
validated in some way. If the data were true then a simple prospective study of
persons with asymptomatic therapy taking a brief course of amoxycillin and herbs
would be worthwhile. Amoxy vs Herbs vs both. No need for endoscopy - just
breath tests before and 1 month after. I must say that I am skeptical.
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Basic Science / Other basic science of Helicobacters /
Re: Reproduction of H.pylori
on: Jan 26th,
2007, 1:18pm
Hp reproduces by binary fission as do all bacteria. It nips in the middle and the
new organism sprouts flagella from its end. The two cells then stay together for a
short time, looking like a "U" shape with flagelle on each of the top ends.
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Basic Science / Other basic science of Helicobacters /
Re: How does H.pylori survive the stomach?
on: Jan 15th,
2007, 8:00pm
Hi there. When first swallowed, Hp enters a stomach with acid juices, but usually
the stomach is actually empty so that both sides - both stomach walls - are
touching each other. So you see it does not need to swim very far to reach the
mucus layer. In the normal juice there is enough urea (2.0 mMol) to allow Hp to
make some ammonia so that it can buffer acid nearby. Thus it survives long
enough to reach the safe environment under the mucus. Interestingly, after the
infection is established, Hp uses all the urea in the stomach so that new
Helicobacters coming down probably have a much harder time surviving!
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Pregnancy Families Kids Pets etc. / Pregnancy, Allergy,
Children etc. / Re: Adopted 19 Mo. Old Children Have H.
on: Jan 12th,
2007, 4:23pm
Hi there. I have seen a few "russian adoptee" stories over the years. If little
children have Hp then parents and other (USA born) siblings can be infected. It is
well known that mild iron deficiency and slight growth retardation are associated
with Hp. The issue is - how hard is it to treat in small children? It is somewhat
difficult because they don't take the medications easily. That is why it is useful to
be aware of it, in case something crops up. I would suggest that the rest of the
family is tested for Hp, then if anyone becomes unwell from Hp (caught from the
kids) then you can be more pro-active. Otherwise, be aware of the issue and
ready to treat the kids when they are older, or if they develop stomach problems.
The reason why asymptomatic people are usually left alone is that no-one (i.e.
governments/insurers) wants to bear the cost of screening and treatment of "well"
people. When it is yourself, and your family, you may feel differently and be quite
prepared to spend the $150 or so involved. In these forums you will see lots of
stories by sick people who were never tested for Hp and are now rather cross
because they were so much better after having it taken care of. In Australia I
recommend that all immigrants are tested for Hp in their first health checkup. We
breath test the whole family sometimes.
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Diagnosis and Testing / Breath Tests (UBT) / Re: Are
There Any *Home* Breath Tests Available??
on: Jan 12th,
2007, 4:10pm
Hi, I read the gory details of your discussions. Yes, you can get a breath test to
do your self. It is not a big product for us but one can be mailed and you can send
back a balloon of breath sample. Cost isabout $100 all up I expect. Maybe
contact Dr Aruni Mendis PhD. Tri-Med sells the Kimberly
Clark test but in Australia it is available without prescription.
I will be forwarded replies to this post so that I stay in the loop.
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Symptoms and Diseases / Ulcers / Re: pylori symptoms
on: Jan 12th,
2007, 3:30pm
You should have the boyfriend tested as you both may have it. Yes, you can catch
it back but mostly you don't. Make sure you have a breath test one month after
treatment to prove that the Hp is gone.
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Catching H.p. / Dirty Water and Fecal-Oral / Re: Lake
Water and Sewage
on: Nov 11th,
The only way to provethat the Hp cames from the water is to show that your Hp
has the same DNA as Hp in the water. This is not really practical since there are
many strains of Hp. A second way is to have a blood sample taken a few weeks
before you went to the lake and show that antibodies to Hp were not present at
that time.

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Basic Science / Other basic science of Helicobacters /
Re: H.p. inhibits development of Oral Tolerance
on: Jun 17th,
2004, 2:56pm
Thanks Philo, I had'nt read the oral tolerance paper. Its an interesting idea.
Barry Marshall
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Basic Science / Other basic science of Helicobacters /
Re: Culture of HP
on: Mar 15th,
Culture your own bug by swallowing some string and then pulling it back out
after 1 hour. The device is called Enterotest - you may be able to buy just one.
How tough are you? See papers by Samuels re string test culture. Try this link
for more references.
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Basic Science / Other basic science of Helicobacters /
Re: Culture of HP - where to get HP?
on: Oct 18th,
2003, 6:31am
Well, if you are HP positive, then culture your own HP! Fast after midnight
then swallow some string (90 cms long) with water. After 1 hour pull it out and
culture it on Skirrow's plates. It should work. Read a paper by first author
Windsor H.

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Pregnancy Families Kids Pets etc. / Dogs and Cats / Re:
Did my HP come from my cat?
on: Feb 12th,
Sorry, don't blame the cat. We think cats can catch HP sometimes from the
people! Some cats have been found to have HP but usually cats have their own
special one and it is not the same as human HP (it is less vicious).
I have a Siamese cat which I think has cat HP. She is always hungry but vomits if
we feed her too much. I think she has cat gastritis and cat helicobacter. One day
I may feed her some Pepto-Bismol and antibiotics but it seems such an effort.
Here is a picture of our cats - the one on the left passed away last year from cat
cancer - aged 11 years. The one we still have (on the right) is fat and lazy, and
very mean to our dog. Sigh..

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Basic Science / cagA - Cytotoxin associated gene / Re:
Hummingbird phenotype
on: Dec 12th,
This is a lucky day - I just gave a talk on Hp and updated the cagA slides.
Hummingbird means that it looks like the beak of a hummingbird. I have
uploaded some slides to this web site so just click here. Also, look at papers on
the PNAS journal web site (shown on one of the slides).
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Basic Science / vacA - Vacuolating toxin gene / Re:
crystal structure of VacA
on: Aug 22nd,
Great question. Yes, it is likely that the secret gnomes in Astra-Zeneca,
Glaxo-Smith-Kline and Chiron are examining the physical structure of vacA on
expensive computers with 3D goggles and 36 inch LCD screens, even as we speak.
Luckily, their work is secret so we need not be influenced by their rigid concepts
and are free to come up with completely new wacky ideas about the action of
vacA. Heh heh!
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Pregnancy Families Kids Pets etc. / Dogs and Cats / Re:
Dog Bugs: Time Frame of Symptoms
on: Jul 12th,
2002, 7:35pm
Good news for you! Dogs have a dog helicobacter which can infect humans
but only rarely. If you let your dog lick you on the mouth all the time then it could
H.p. probably takes at least three days to cause symptoms. Breath tests for H.p.
should be able to detect the presence of the dog H.p. if you caught it. Don'y
worry at present, it was probably just a stomach virus.

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