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Continue with PPI after Anti-biotics finish?????

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Continue with PPI after Anti-biotics finish?????

Post by Knackersyard » Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:40 pm


I was recently diagnosed with H Pylori. My GP in UK gave me :

AMOXICILLIN caps 500mg. 28 caps, 2 twice a day = 7 Days
CLARITHROMYCIN tabs 500mg. 14 tabs, twice a day = 7 Days
LANSOPRAZOLE caps, 30mg. 28 caps, once a day = 28 Days

Does this look like a good protocol?

I finished 7 days Anti-biotics today. Do I really have to stay on the PPI for another 21 days?
I understand what they do (lower PH) & why that helps the Anti-biotics, but do they contribute anything thereafter?

I don't suffer Reflux (never have) & I want to get my Stomach Acid up ASAP. I had chronically Low Stomach Acid, that's what led me to get tested for H Pylori.

Should my Stomach Acid increase when the Pylori is (hopefully) gone???


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