Haven't healed after weeks of treatment

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Haven't healed after weeks of treatment

Post by daibatzu » Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:22 pm

Hello, I contacted you earlier about not receiving an activation email. I really need to ask some questions.
Maybe I can start from the beginning.
Everything began in early April 2017. I would feel a slight shot of pain on my left side for just a second now and then when lying down or trying to get up when lying down. I didn't think much of it and began to exercise more often as I assumed it was just tight muscles that needed stretching.
In addition to this, I would sometimes wake up at night with a blocked nose and sometimes wheezing and I assumed this was because I was recently sleeping in an air conditioned room which can be quite cold. I have always been asthmatic since childhood so this didn't bother me as well.
I also had about 3 headaches in this month and I rarely ever ever have headaches at all.
I also noticed that if I lay down on my chest or left side for a long period and got up, my belly area would feel tighter for a bit longer than usual before relaxing.
On the 23rd my sister visited and mentioned I'd lost some weight. I didn't feel too lean and probably wasn't at that point but there was a good explanation for this too. I was somewhat overweight in December 2016 and from then on, began exercising every single day for an hour, sometimes two, until February so I did lose some weight. I assumed it was as a result of my hardwork and to be honest some of it probably was.

Things went south on the 25th of April. I suddenly became to feel a bit like I was having a flu. I assumed it was the flu even though it felt weird and bought some medicine called procold (a kind of Sudafed), then the next day something weird happened. I had an anxiety attack. Anxiety continued on and off for days. The last time I had one was in 2002 when I was a student in the UK. In addition, about a week later, I started to notice slight pressure in the middle area below the breastbone. The pharmacist said he thought I might have an ulcer and gave me a bottle of gaviscon. He however didn't say much else and didn't tell me to see a doctor. The pressure was the same symptoms for indigestion however so I bought something called Swedish Bitters (http://www.pureinsideout.com/swedish-bitters.html) and to be honest, whenever I felt that mid chest pressure (no pain) it would resolve it sometimes making me burp heavily. I still didn't feel great so two weeks later I went to a diagnostics lab where they had stool, urea swab, blood and urine tests. The results came back and I was diagnosed with H Pylori where the doctors said I had an ulcer also and equally Staph Aureaus.
So the next day I was given a drug called Pylorest (http://www.tabletwise.com/nigeria/pylorest-tablet) which contains Amoxycillin, Clarithromycin, and Rabeprazole (To take 3 of each twice daily). I was also given Ciproflaxin and a daily injection for 7 days for my Staph infection. I was to take the Pylorest for 10 days but I took it for 11 just to be safe and would have done so for 14 except I couldn't find the drug anywhere. During this time I also took 1000mg vitamin C and vitamin E and occasionally B complex. After this, I was given Rabeprazole (20mg) to take daily for 6 weeks.
Now I will say that many things have gone right. I no longer have had headaches, severe anxiety, I get tired from time to time but not constantly as before, no longer have the occassional dysphagia (sense of lump in throat), bitter taste in mouth, dry tongue, foamy saliva and chest pressure coming on it's own.
It's been 39 days now since I've been taking my PPI Rabeprazole. At some point, around 9 days on post antibiotic PPI it seemed everything was about to be ok and I was getting well. I no longer felt pressure Unfortunately around day 30 post antibiotic PPI I began having reflux episodes at night despite taking 20mg rabeprazole sodium in the morning. I also, for the first time since my ulcer started feeling very slight pains after eating in my stomach and below my navel for about 2 minutes. I don't know if there is something I've been eating or because I was taking Rabeprazole first thing in the morning without eating which the doctor I spoke to yesterday says can cause abdominal cramps. Also for 5 days now my stools have been sausage like and smallish. I also take longer to stool (maybe constipated?) than usual. I don't know if it is from the PPI.
What really scares me is that I am only 3 days away from the 6 weeks I was supposed to be healed by but considering the following symptoms:
1. I still burp
2. I am somewhat constipated and have funny looking stools
3. I am tired from time to time but not the whole day, I've also had 3 mild nausea incidents in the past 10 days (One was after drinking cabbage juice, the other two lasted maybe 2 minutes)
4. I am not happy with my weight (I've added a bit to be fair but not exactly as much as I would prefer, don't feel strong. I don't know if the PPI's are preventing proper digestion causing very little weight to be added)
5. The occassional shots of mild pain (usually after eating) even though not long lasting bother me
6. Also the mid chest pressure I can still feel sometimes not all the time, if I press my fingers into the area. I will say that before it would come on it's own regardless of what I did but now I have to press it. I really wonder why it comes sometimes and doesn't at other times. Also it only comes when I am lying down. If I press into this area standing up I don't feel anything.
7. The only good thing is I have never vomitted nor seen bloody stool, only brown and darkish green (after taking iron supplements)

Now I will say upfront that looking back, I probably made some mistakes which may have impeded my healing. But I wasn't warned about any of them unfortunately
1. For example, I used to press into my stomach a lot to see if it was healing and considering that an ulcer is a wound I should not have done that.
2. I didn't use Antacids at all after finishing antibiotics even when I felt heartburn only one tablet of rabeprazole in the morning
3. I exercised (Yoga and Qigong) which may have put pressure on stomach
4. Ate some spicy and fried foods now and then
5. Didn't take any vitamins or anything else to boost immunity except 1000mg vitamin C from time to time
6. Probably didn't sleep enough
7. While on treatment, I read an article about PPI's causing health problems and stopped for about 6 days and another time for 3 days when I couldn't find Rabeprazole in my town.

UPDATE - I'm now on day 50 of PPI. 9 days before this switched to another brand of rabeprazole called Pariet not the Indian generic version. It seems better but, still haven't gained enough weight, still burp more than usual, still have occasional heartburn (stomach can feel warm when lying on left side) and sometimes have pain (usually just one shot of pain lasting for one second) after eating. Diagnostics lab did an ultrasound about 2 weeks ago and said my stomach was still inflamed and ulcer had not healed.

With all this I am now wondering about cancer and have become scared to death. I am 35. No one in my family has had stomach cancer to my knowledge however I have lived in Nigeria for the past 12 years and who knows what could happen here. I don't eat a high salt diet, I don't smoke, I am rarely exposed to second hand smoke, I never had stomach issues (infact had no idea where my stomach was until now. Thought intestines were my stomach), I wash my hands everytime I come home so I don't know how I could have gotten sick. Maybe dirty water or eating outside. Who knows.

Do you think I should continue PPI's for two more weeks or switch to H2 blocker and do another test?
My question is, is it a good idea to
1. Continue PPI's ( I hear they can be dangerous)
2. Switch to H2 blocker and take tests after 2 weeks
3. Go on another course of antibiotics since I still have burping and acid symptoms

I also bought aloe vera to help heal the ulcer. Really tired and scared as I rarely ever get sick. This is basically the 4th time I've been sick in more than 9 years (one flu and malaria twice being the only other incidents).

Will probably go to lab today to check ulcer status today.
Best Regards

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Re: Haven't healed after weeks of treatment

Post by Helico_expert » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:14 am


Thanks for sharing your story. I'll be brief..
1. if possible, you will need to see a specialist to perform endoscopy examination. That will tell you if you have ulcers and clear your mind if you have stomach cancer. Stomach cancer will take years to develop. So if your stomach is has no abnormality, then you dont have to worry for many years.

2. the antibiotics that you took are very good. the only problem is the stopping of PPI on day 6. The antibiotics will only work on H. pylori when there is enough PPI. Nevertheless, I think you still have good chance of having H. pylori eradicated.

3. To find out if you still have H. pylori, you'll need to switch to H2 blocker for at least 2 weeks, then do a breath test (or stool test or endoscopy) to find out.

4. developing reflux symptom after treatment is common. However, it is important to be sure that H. pylori is eradicated. Then you can focus on the treatment to treat the symptom.

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Re: Haven't healed after weeks of treatment

Post by daibatzu » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:10 pm

Thanks a lot for the response

Did endoscopy and Barium meal and got results today. Results are:

The fundus, lesser and greater curvatures are normal in outline
The rugal folds are intact
No evidence of ulceration, filling defects or mucosal irregularity
The duodenal cap is normal in outline and contour
No extravasation of contrast seen

IMPRESSION: Essentially a normal study

But he did say there was quite a bit of gas in my stomach. In addition I wonder why I sometimes get pains and mild nausea and reflux and that lower ribcage pressure every now and then. Have never had blood in stool or vomitted. In any case, will go on H2 blockers for 2 weeks to see if I still have h pylori, or perhaps my gut bacteria have gone haywire. Really odd. I should be happy but ....

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Re: Haven't healed after weeks of treatment

Post by Helico_expert » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:04 am

ya... let's switch to H2 blocker and wait two weeks and repeat breath test. Once confirm that H. pylori is eradicated, we can focus on fixing the symptom.

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