Side Effect Report - Salvage/Quadruple/Bismuth Therapy

The cure of Hp usually requires antibiotics. Other things have been tried and have a weaker effect.

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Side Effect Report - Salvage/Quadruple/Bismuth Therapy

Post by sidney75 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:11 pm


I'm a 42 y/o female, and was originally diagnosed with H Pylori via endoscopy over 15 years ago. I completed a treatment at the time, but was never retested to ensure it was eradicated.

I had several endoscopies for on-going GI issues over the years and H. Pylori was never indicated by GI. In January, I had an upper/lower scopes to rule out Crohn's Disease and the doctor noted congestive gastropathy, and biopsies showed H.Pylori.

I completed initial therapy which consisted of Amoxicillian/Clarithamycin/PPI 2x per day for 14 days. Completed treatment fairly easily with some side effects of abdominal discomfort. Stool test four weeks post treatment showed H Pylori still present.

I recently completed a salvage/quadruple/bismuth treatment which consistent of:
Doxycycline Hylcate 100mg 2x per day
Flagyl 250mg 4x per day
Bismuth 524 mg 4 x per day
PPI 2 x per day

I had horrible side effects during the treatment and couldn't find any information on-line or from my doctor so I wanted to possibly help someone else out by sharing my side effects. The treatment was brutal. Most notably I had left flank/kidney and pelvis pain and pressure. It was severe. I felt generally ill the entire time I was on the treatment and only wanted to sleep or lay in bed. I also had mood disturbances - I was very cranky and mean - which is not my natural demeanor. Cognitively I was exhausted and foggy. I ran a fever for several days of my treatment. I had significant bloating, and major increase in urine output. I checked with my Doctor several times and she ran blood work, which showed slight elevation in WBC but she advised me to finish the treatment. I completed treatment four days ago and I am back to feeling pretty good. All of the side effects have gone away, no pain/pressure in back/pelvis, my head is clear, and I feel normal.

My fingers are crossed that my H Pylori is eradicated because I do not want to go through that again it was rough. I hope this is helpful to others who are struggling with the side effects. Thanks!

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Re: Side Effect Report - Salvage/Quadruple/Bismuth Therapy

Post by Helico_expert » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:15 am

thank you for sharing your story. we look forward to hearing your follow up breath test result. your last quadruple therapy is a strong one. pretty sure you'll have it eradicated.

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