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Epstein barr virus causes gastritis

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:38 pm
by H.P porteur
New research and many published articles and peer reviewed one are showing that H.pylori alone does not cause a strong inflammation of the stomach. However, Epstein barr virus either alone or with H.pylori can cause a strong inflammation of the stomach.

This research explains why so many in this forum are miserable even after 10 treatments of H.pylori and they never got better from their gastritis even with the eradication of H.pylori. Actually, the French functional medicine doctor, Dr Bruno Donatini was speaking about this for 10 years but no one was listening. He was saying the herpes viruses like Epstein-barr, Cytomegalovirus are the cause of dysbiosis and not a bug alone like H.pylori. He believes H.pylori treatment is so easy when you get rid of these virulent viruses which are the cause of the immunodeficiency: