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Organ donor and penicilian allergy...

Posted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:08 pm
by donor

I was reading with interest your thread about how to treat h.pylori for a person that is allergic to penicilian. I have an anaphalactic reaction to all "cilians" so I cannot do penicilian or amoxycilian.

You mentioned to look thru the alternative anabiotics list, but you mentioned that some of them are "green-yellow" and some of them are "orange". I'm not sure exactly what that means but I'm guessing its a safety scale.

My problem is... I'm also a kidney donor (7 yrs now). So in addition to not being allowed to take penicilian or amoxycilian, I am VERY restricted on what medications I can take. I cannot have anything that will overly stress my one remaining kidney, nor my liver because if it shuts down I don't have a second kidney to kick in and help out. Most medications I take now are at child doses, even if they are rx. My body is so sensitive that drinking a 12 oz pepsi can cause kidney pain. (which, for obvious reasons, I don't do that anymore!)

So I would really like to know how I am supposed to treat this h.pylori with that set of limitations. Also, obviously, I have several different drs attempting to work together on this, since each is a specialist in their own field. But none of them can seem to agree on what would be safe enough to not harm the kindey/liver, but strong enough to get rid of the h.pylori.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated...