Seeking Info about Helicobacter and ancient Human Migrations

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Seeking Info about Helicobacter and ancient Human Migrations

Postby Bel » Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:32 pm

Dear Sir,
Good Evening, thanking you for your rapid response and instruction.Very much appreciated
I was writing to gain permission and some information relating to helicobacter pylori?
To date from what I have researched online, the main connection to helicobacter pylori is that it causes stomach cancer/ duodenal ulcers
chronic gastritis to name some of the diseases that are the by product of the bacteria etc;
I then happened upon an article online at the ABC news in science where a reporter interviewed you ( which pre empted this email)
and you spoke of Helicobacter pylori as having a stand in human migration, how various cultures have different strains of the bacterium
I was fascinated at your discovery in relation to the Bacteria.
you were quoted as saying:
"H. pylori has a further advantage in that it contains thousands of genes,
compared to just 37 genes in mDNA, and differs between populations."
"It was found over [the] last few years that each human racial group carried
a Helicobacter that was relatively unique in that group,"
(article quoted from can be found at ... 472251.htm)
and I feel this is an important component as I would like to present a full perspective to my fellow nursing students in my presentation.
although as I am learning more about the bacteria, it was your above statement that had me emailing you in relation to my queries in relation to the presentation.
I have visited the helicobacter pylori website along with many others, as a first year nursing student, I've a lot more to learn.
I thankyou for taking the time to read ths email and look forward to any response u may be able to offer me
thanking you sincerely
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Re: Seeking Info

Postby barjammar » Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:15 pm

The paper to read is in Moodley et al; Science, 323:527-530,2009. Firstly, there is evidence that Helicobacters infected humans ever since we left Africa 70,000 years ago. With Moodley and many others we studied Helicobacter DNA from all over the world and decided that there were strains in Australian Aboriginal people which had separated from strains in Central New Guinea Highlanders about 23-32,000 years ago and these in turn separated from strains in Java about 35,000 years ago. This supports the migration of humans to Australia not more than 32,000 years ago. It works because there are small random mutations in the DNA which accumulate differently in each tribe indicating for how long they have been separated. Since you catch Helicobacter from your mother, it acts like mitochondrial DNA but has many more genes so might be more accurate for time periods of about 30,000 years. Also, its "clock" can be calibrated by known archeology (pottery and relics). The supercontinent of Australia was called "The Sahul" which made up New Guinea, Australia and Tasmania. The pictures below show the probable migrations to Australia of the "Sahul Strain" Helicobacter, and therefore, by implication, of the humans which carried them.
Moodley Figure2.jpg
Dates of separation and migration of Pacific tribal strains
moodley linz science.jpg
Migrations of Helicobacter and Man to Australia
Check the link below for information on hard-to-treat cases. Then search the forums for questions and answers similar to yours.
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Re: Seeking Info about Helicobacter and ancient Human Migrat

Postby bellburapa » Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:59 pm

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Re: Seeking Info about Helicobacter and ancient Human Migrat

Postby Chaiwutkung » Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:41 pm

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