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diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis & post for H.Pylori

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diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis & post for H.Pylori

Post by jmaa » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:38 pm

I had symtoms, after a return trip to Mexico (1 month) and before that Jamacia (3 months), that led to a diagnosis of autoimmune hep. I also tested positive for H. Pylori at the same time, although I had many symptoms of constant diaherria, bloating, etc for along time before this. I was not treated for H. Pylori and went on to have my diagnosis treated with immune suppresants and prednisone. I went to an allergist for updating my allergies which seem to have increased. I was still positive for H. Pylori. I also developed new allergies and lost the old ones. My allergist thinks that I should be treated due to my bloating, stomach pains, soft stools most times. She was reluctant to give me a presecription due to my immune suppressant "azo thiroprine" 150mg per day and synthroid for my diagnosed hypothryroidism. My question: Should I get on the treatment asap? could the H. Pylori associated with my autoimmune diagnosis? Thanks. :shock:

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Re: diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis & post for H.Pylori

Post by Dekpoi » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:16 am

Thank you for sharing this. ;) ;)

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