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Weird Question but Significant: Sleep Paralysis / Night Terrors / Demon Attack / Vivid Dreams

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Weird Question but Significant: Sleep Paralysis / Night Terrors / Demon Attack / Vivid Dreams

Post by lfis492a » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:18 am

Hello Barry's Team in all,

I've been grabbing anecdotal reports of people with gastric issues and h. pylori in particular that have been having affects akin to DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) This has been in the form of sleep paralysis, night terrors or nightmares and or very vivid dreams. Not all dmt experiences would have to be bad so I'm also questioning people about mystical experiences.

Has anyone here ever suffer from anything like this??? I don't think you'd guys have a bunch of people reporting this to you as it's very personal most times. Some people associate their experience with demons and spirits. Some report seeing people and diseased pets so I doubt people would come out with this stuff.

Attached is a letter I sent to Dr. Strassman the Doctor in the US that did the first, I believe, studies on these substances in decades. From the letter you can see how significant this might be. Is H. pylori causing a gut environment that is similar to an MAOI, very mildly, that causes peoples liver not to break down food borne DMT (it's in plants and animals) or is it triggering endogenous DMT to be produced more so than normal in the human body.

Attached also are pictures of some convo's (I just tried to attach 9 pictures/screen shots of conversations with various people but it can only accept 3)

WOULD YOU GUYS BE ABLE TO setup a poll on the forum asking things like this?? have you noticed patients GABA levels being 0.0?

I'll reach out to you guys further just incase you all aren't monitoring the forums.



Hello Dr. Strassman,

I love the two books of yours that I have read. Thank you so much for sharing your work with the world.

Over the past few months I've been investigating a possible connection between a bacterial infection in humans and DMT. This has been primarily through anecdotal reports from individuals in sleep paralysis support groups and others.

I am not a doctor and professional. My studies are personal and have expanded over the years through my searching for a cure for my Mitochondrial diseased children. The search is on going and begun in 2008 when my daughter went full blown and was given months to live.

You may be busy, I know, so I won't go any further unless you reply with interest.

I would have never contacted you if I didn't think this may turn out to be a significant find for humanity.

Imagine, endogenous DMT production and/or accumulation being influenced/caused by a bacterium found in many people without always showing symptoms of an infection. Through this MANY cultures could have developed many of their superstitions and access to the spirit world for various  reasons through out history. (Even the initial method the shamans were able to be told about the ayahuasca brew)

Thanks for your time so far. And I only ask to look at what I see and add it to your collective and if anything happens through out your work, if I come to mind you share. What ever advice also would be greatly appreciated as well.

Again, thank you.

Lawrence Foster

Screenshot_2017-06-03-08-23-07 GABA woman2.png
Screenshot_2017-06-02-23-59-18 GABA woman3.png
Screenshot_2017-05-13-07-58-50 dog visit woman.png

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Re: Weird Question but Significant: Sleep Paralysis / Night Terrors / Demon Attack / Vivid Dreams

Post by Helico_expert » Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:20 am

hmmm... never heard of the correlation. But, since there are so many people with H. pylori, it is very likely to find H. pylori in any rare diseases. More investigation will need to be done.

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Re: Weird Question but Significant: Sleep Paralysis / Night Terrors / Demon Attack / Vivid Dreams

Post by lfis492a » Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:31 pm

Hello Helico_expert, sorry I forget your name.
Do you recall your great help with me a few years ago with my mitochondrial disease son? He's ok as of now. Thank God. Thanks again for your help.

Yes, I'm aware of that possibility. If 50% of the population has it then there would obviously be some people with various conditions having h.pylori as well. But if there is no correlation (biologically) then the sleep paralysis should continue after eradication. At this moment, yes more investigation will be needed. So at this moment i'm just reaching out to you guys so that it may be known and if your group ever had someone admit to an issue with mystical experiences/dreams/sleep paralysis etc. etc. you might be led to begin to ask this question, some sort of poll or added to your questionnaire as patients at associated clinics come in. It's the beginning of the investigation.

Medically speaking does h. pylori cause a difference in humans GABA? 5htp? etc.

How I got into this search is that 1. When I was a teen I had sleep paralysis episodes and it was during h. pylori infection.

2. after clearing it up (I saw a commercial on tv requesting test subjects for the triple antibiotic therapy used today) I had no more sp (sleep paralysis) episodes.

3. While in a ayahuasca support group I found a woman who for some reason made me ask her if she had ever had h. pylori. She DID have it. She was suffering from "demon attacks" every other night for years until she cleared up her h. pylori. (she didn't realize it until I told her mines stopped after clearing my h. pylori. She said her mother had demon attacks too (sleep paralysis) I asked her to ask her mother if she ever suffered from gastro issues.

4. A question was asked in the ayahuasca support group by myself: Has anyone ever had sleep paralysis after ayahuasca ceremony? This is because I have never had a sleep paralysis episode like the one I had when infected with h. pylori until a VERY VERY low dose of ayahuasca (dmt containing medicine)

5. When I spoke to my son's nurse about a possible correlation between H. pylori and sleep paralysis she was amazed because her husband had sp and it was really bad. she said he said an old woman would visit him during these episodes and stand over his bed. She spoke to him and the next night she said he was amazed because after treatment of h. pylori the sp was gone. Ayahuasca users report being visited and such including aliens etc. (DMT is listed as a hallucinogen)

All i'm wanting to do is inform you guys on this possibility that it might spark something in the future. I'm just a regular guy with a science loving heart and will continue collecting anecdotal information and notifying various groups and organization looking for anyone to add questions regarding this possible connection between h. pylori/gastro issues and sleep paralysis/transpersonal experiences.

There are children frightened nearly to death and being given psychotics meds only to find out they have h. pylori. So so many people can be helped with this discovery. A woman will test her children soon. I guess i'll get back to you just to let you know the results.

Thank You

Please Note the picture has the woman mentioning her doctor tested for gaba during her clearing up of h. pylori aftermath. And the "et" woman was not tested for h. pylori that's why she wasn't "diagnosed" with it. (so it's possible with all her issues)
Screenshot_2017-06-03-08-29-36 GABA woman.png
Screenshot_2017-05-13-12-24-41 zasia et.png
Screenshot_2017-05-12-00-40-11 zasia et2.png

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