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H.pylori treatment flareup

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:39 pm
by erichild
Thanks to Helico_expert who gave me good advice and made me feel better via PM. :)

Here's my story: A few weeks ago I woke up at night with a terrible stomach pain that lasted for an hour. It ended and I dismissed it as something I ate. Within the next day I started to get a light burning on my chest. Heartburn, I was told my people, but I had never had it before. After another day the heartburn got worse and worse, and my heart pounded more and more that I started to think I was having either a heart attack or panic attack. I couldn't sleep at night. I felt so anxious. I had a weekend of hell, just laying in bed. I went to the doctor a week later and they gave me an h.pylori blood test that would take three days to get back. I was sent home with just carafate, which made things worse. The burning was so intense I could not function. I went back to the doctor a second time and they told me test results had on arrived yet; they then told me that I had sinusitis and they gave my augmentin which was supposed "to take care of everything." It didn't and I got worse and worse. I became so bad that I couldn't function and I went back to the doctor who gave me a second blood test (precaution), nexium and xanax. Later that day I got a call from them and they said I have a very high count of h.pylori and I prescribed amoxicillin, and clarithromycin along with my nexuim. Also a probiotic. I started to take it and I felt dramatically better. Not even close to 100% but better. Still some burning and stomach weirdness. I wasn't told that it could take weeks to prepare the stomach lining damage. Just told to eat light you will be fine in a week. The drugs make be dopey and weird, but I can deal with that. For some foolish reason I order manuka honey because I read it could help; plus I started to drink cranberry juice. (There are so many quacks online selling 'natural solutions' like Matula Herbal Tea and other stuff; you will buy into anything if you have enough pain.) I took the manuka honey (one tea spoon) at night, and that's were my new nightmare started. Within 20 minutes, I had such a bad flare up of heartburn and stomach churning that it lasted for 24 hours. It was like all of my symptoms came back, which was frustrating. Within 24 hours, the intense burning ended and I was able to sleep. The next morning (this morning) I still have the remnants heartburn and stomach, but nothing compared to yesterday. A coincidence with the manuka honey, I am not so sure. I do know that I really need to watch what I eat--ie, completely bland food, no sugar, nothing acidic--for a long while. I still have 4 days left on my original treatment and I hope I did not screw things up. It's tough, but I need to have patience.

Has anyone else had a flare of like this?